My 24 hours with the Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook

If you're anything like me, technology is a critical part of your daily life. Between my pockets and my backpack, I have three to four devices with me at any given time. (Check your bag and pants before you judge — you'll likely be surprised.) My back hates me almost as much as the security screeners at the airports do. So I've been looking to shed a bit of weight via a true convergence device for quite some time. However, like most, I tend to be skeptical of "transformer" type products. In my experience, hybrid devices that claim to do a great job across multiple functions rarely surpass “decent” at any.

Enter the XPS 12, which is among Dell’s new product line designed to showcase the full potential of the Windows 8 OS. According to our website (I’m a Dell employee), the XPS 12 is designed to provide the “best of productivity and entertainment” in one device. Given my previous experience with multirole devices, I approached my 24-hour trial with skepticism.

See below for a brief pictorial of my 24-hour test drive (click on the image to see a larger version of it):

How Cody uses a Dell XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook

By noon, it occurred to me that I’d be funding Christmas gifts for the family via Craigslist. My old tablet and laptop (along with their bulky power cords, something Dell avoided with the XPS 12) would be finding a new home. From emails, deck creation, etc. in the office to Skype, social media, and entertainment at home, this product truly lives up to the hype. Best of all, I’m finally able to shed a few of those technology pounds. 😉

Already have an XPS 12? I look forward to hearing how you use yours — let me know on Twitter at!

About the Author: Cody Norris