New application modernization services accelerate adoption of emerging technologies

You’ve probably heard the statistic that nearly 80 percent of an organization’s annual budget is spent on   daily operations and maintenance. It’s also likely that your team spends well over 80 percent of their time addressing everyday tasks and “firefighting” just to keep the lights on.

That  means there is less time and fewer resources to assess how well your applications and IT processes are meeting current business needs — and to evaluate the impact of new requirements generated from emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility and SaaS.  

New assessment services can help you jump-start application assessment and modernization projects without significant upfront time and resource investments. Dell Application Blueprint Accelerator services are designed to help you better understand your current environment and plan transitions to modern, industry-standard platforms in as little as four weeks.

Available in three fixed-price offers based on the size and components of your applications, our services follow these steps to achieve the best results for you:

  • First, we use our application assessment tools and expertise to collect and analyze information on your source code assets, data structures, use cases and functional interdependencies to create a blueprint of your current application environment
  • Next, our application modernization specialists evaluate how these workloads and applications help achieve your organization’s objectives using advanced tools such as video capturing, business process, use-case modeling and deep linking to create a complete picture of how users interact with your applications
  • Finally, we provide a comprehensive report that documents all findings for your business and technical stakeholders

Our automated, tools-based approach reduces the involvement of your busy team, validate assumptions about your key legacy systems and eliminates the need  to base decisions on partially-documented architectures developed years ago.  We also offer an optional add-on service to help you develop a comprehensive application modernization roadmap.

Application modernization can seem like a daunting task. Dell Application Blueprint Accelerator services can help you gain a thorough understanding of your current application landscape and develop a comprehensive plan to modernize and streamline application deployments in the future.

About the Author: Brandon Edenfield