New IdeaStorm just for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today, Dell is launching a new IdeaStorm specifically for the Healthcare and Life Sciences community.  As Dell participates in HIMSS this week, one of the largest global healthcare events, we are well aware that there are specific technology needs in the healthcare industry.  IdeaStorm for Healthcare and Life Sciences has been created to start the conversation on what Dell can do to address those technology needs and simplify the healthcare IT solutions.  Whether you need a new product or service or specific technology solution, we are ready to listen and engage in conversations with you and others in the healthcare sector.  Together we have the power to significantly improve provision and effectiveness of healthcare.  Through collaboration, we can all determine the best ways to reduce complexity, save time and reduce costs.  How does it work?

The site is easy to use.  After basic registration including setting up your screen name and providing your e-mail address, you can then actively participate on the site.  You can view all the ideas posted by the community, post your own idea for Dell, and vote or comment on any or all ideas.  Each time you promote an idea, it is given +10 points, while each demote is -10 points.  This voting system will help the most important ideas float to the top of the priority list.  Your comments are also valuable to help expand on ideas and share your feedback.  Dell will respond with status updates on the ideas as well as regular updates on the Ideas in Action blog on what we are doing with your ideas. 

Why a new IdeaStorm?

At Dell, we have learned many things from listening to customers and participating in the many social media outlets.  One of the key things is people form communities around a passion for their specific interests and they want to interact with others who share that passion.  The community of professionals in the Healthcare industry is already quite strong and passionate.  The Wall Street Journal Health Blog is in the top 1,000 blogs on Technorati.  You can also read about Healthcare policy, health insurers, technology and eHealth, physicians, and pharma on The Healthcare Blog.  And for someone very well versed in the IT side of Healthcare, check out Sashid Shah's blog – The Healthcare Guy Blog.

We are looking forward to joining the Healthcare community, listening to your ideas on how to improve the efficiency of Healthcare using IT solutions, and being part of those solutions with you.

To visit IdeaStorm for Healthcare and Life Sciences, go to

About the Author: Vida Killian