Optimizing Employee IT Experiences with Financial and Business Payoffs

Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service delivers up-to-date IT tools and anywhere, anytime support while generating an average ROI of 28%.

We’ve all been there. As you’re finalizing a key deliverable on a tight deadline, your PC hits a glitch. Your project is stalled. That’s because your PC is older and cannot keep up with the pace of software changes. You’ve been limping along until budgetary approvals allow you to upgrade to a new device. However, until then, disruptions like this are difficult to manage.

As a hybrid or remote employee, this can be especially frustrating—your PC is your lifeline to the business. IT is short-staffed and a replacement PC is not at your fingertips. A missed project deadline will reflect poorly on the employee. However, IT support resources are in high demand and short supply so you must wait, burning up hours of your day resolving your PC’s issues instead of making much-needed progress on your project.

PC Performance Determines Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Employee productivity and satisfaction are inextricably tied to having up-to-date PCs equipped with responsive support—allowing smooth, seamless and reliable operation. Often, PCs are the most important tool for individuals to do their jobs effectively. When PCs don’t work effectively, neither can employees.

Why does this scenario persist? Because the traditional way organizations source and support employee PCs no longer aligns with the way the world operates. Organizations are recognizing the cost of employee downtime outpaces IT support and PC replacement costs. To regain balance, organizations need low procurement and maintenance costs combined with high PC performance throughout the PC lifecycle.

PCaaS Helps Drive Employee Satisfaction Up and Costs Down

At Australian-based Burbank Group, a building services organization, employee PCs historically lasted five to six years before they were retired. It became clear that the older devices increasingly experienced performance and reliability issues under the demands of new software. This compounded IT costs while decreasing employee productivity and satisfaction. Burbank Group turned to Dell APEX PC-as- a-Service (PCaaS) to help resolve these two challenges.

Lowering Costs

Dell APEX PCaaS combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one all-encompassing solution, providing a single, predictable price per seat per month. Organizations gain the benefits of simplified PC lifecycle management and improved employee satisfaction while reducing IT costs and freeing up resources to focus on more pressing business and IT issues. And it pays off financially for organizations. A recent Forrester study quantifies the three-year benefits of Dell APEX PCaaS accrued to a net present value of $1.8 million and an ROI of 28%. This is based on the example of an industry-agnostic organization with 4000 users and devices.

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One of the core reasons Burbank Group chose Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service was to reduce the burden on IT resources. After implementing Dell APEX PCaaS, the Burbank Group’s IT help desk reports a 15-20% reduction in the number of IT support tickets. “We’ve freed up 10–15% of the IT team’s time, allowing them to concentrate on core projects such as network security,” shares Amir Rohani, ICT Infrastructure Manager at Burbank Group.

Per the Forrester study, organizations collectively report a 30% savings in IT support after deploying Dell APEX PCaaS. Changes of this magnitude improve business outcomes through the reallocation of resources to other business priorities.

Improving Employee Satisfaction

Reliable PC performance also helps improve employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are more loyal and do better work. Part of that satisfaction is rooted in a hybrid work model. While remote models are beneficial and here to stay, they add IT complexity for employees. A remote or hybrid workforce can magnify the duration and cost of PC-related employee downtime because employees cannot physically retrieve a loaner or replacement device.

Dell APEX PCaaS is helping. The same Forrester study shows Dell APEX PCaaS can reduce employee downtime by 25-40% (based on the example of an industry-agnostic organization with 4000 users and devices). Burbank Group’s adoption of Dell APEX PCaaS provides employees with up-to-date technology and contributes to improved employee retention. Recent results from the “Great Place to Work” survey show Burbank Group employee satisfaction is now at an all-time high with the group’s dedication to providing up-to-date technology being a significant factor.

Putting it All Together with Dell APEX PCaaS

Employee satisfaction and productivity are the heart and soul of any organization—and highly dependent on PC performance. Thus, organizations are looking to simplify PC lifecycle management, reduce IT burdens and simultaneously boost employee satisfaction.

Dell APEX PCaaS does just that for remote, hybrid and traditional environments. The solution provides organizations with savings and flexibility using Dell’s intelligent, secure PCs, a customized subscription length, flexible financing options and dedicated expert solution support. With Dell APEX PCaaS, organizations can rely on a trusted provider and a solution that helps retain and attract talent while making IT more efficient and adaptable.

Dell APEX PCaaS delivers what modern organizations need—to simplify the daily burden of PC lifecycle management with lower costs and improved employee experiences. For many of us, that means disruption-free PC performance, allowing us to be our most productive and do our best work every day.

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About the Author: Brodie Murdoch

Brodie Murdoch is responsible for leading the Dell Financial Services team to deliver a full suite of payment and consumption solutions to facilitate our customers’ adoption of technology and enablement of their IT transformation strategies. Dell Financial Services covers all sectors from small and medium sized customers through to our largest global enterprises.