Partners asked, Dell delivered: Enhancements to Campaign Builder

At Dell, we value our Channel Partner relationships highly, so when they asked us for tools and processes to enable their selling ability, Dell listened. Our partners asked for enhancements to the Campaign Builder tool and Dell has delivered.  Recently we released some enhancements to the tool which include a “Remember Me” function and video player capability on the home page*.

The “Remember Me” function is something we think you’ll really like. After logging in, if you close out of a Campaign Builder page, you will not have to log in again when you revisit Campaign Builder, provided that you have cookies enabled on your device. Notice I said device and not computer – that’s because this new functionality works across all the devices you work on, from your laptop to your tablet to your smart phone. You’ll have to log in once on each device and specify the duration for which you wish to be remembered (for example, 6 months). After that, Campaign Builder will remember your login credentials and you won’t have to login again each time you go to use the tool.

The other enhancement you might have noticed is the addition of the videos on the homepage. Campaign Builder now has the ability to feature as many as three videos at any given time for you to view without downloading. Featuring the latest videos, these videos might be about how to use Campaign Builder or a Welcome Video for new Partners. Additional videos will be made available in the future. In addition, you can see the latest assets that are available for the latest campaigns on the homepage – reducing the amount of searching or browsing, saving time and increasing your campaign building productivity. 

While these enhancements are great improvements, they aren’t the only reason you should be using Campaign Builder. Another reason is that it can really help you create better, more cost effective marketing campaigns soyou can sell more and be more profitable. Says Peter Wamutte of Rack-Systems, Ltd “The DELL Campaign Builder has greatly improved on our sales in terms of giving us high quality FREE marketing collateral, Advertising Agents here charge high fees for designing Adverts for print or billboards and DELL has greatly assisted us in reducing this cost.”

The Campaign Builder tool is full of great assets for building a campaign customized to fit a Partner’s unique needs, including customizable content, copyblocks, customer presentations, tutorial videos, sample sales emails, and much, much more. One last reason to use Campaign Builder is this: your competition is leveraging it to create marketing collateral. You want to stay competitive so be sure to visit Campaign Builder today; maximize your marketing spend with free assets from Dell. The enhanced features of Campaign Builder now make it easier than ever to use. Instead of spending lots of time creating marketing campaigns, you can do what you do best – spending time interacting with customers and selling.  Happy selling!

*Enhancements available in NA, APJ, LatAm, EC-EMEA.

About the Author: Lisa Hong