Partners Leverage Dell One Identity Solutions to Go Beyond Protection to Business Enablement

As you know, when hackers strike, we hear a lot about it in the media; but, the reality is not what people think it is.

The worst threat to organizations, day-in and day-out, comes from the inside in the form of disgruntled or former employees whose access is still intact, in addition to errors in network access by a large variety of personal devices. All represent threats to an organization that does not have an effective identity and access management strategy.

Let’s face it—poorly-managed access to applications and data can allow breaches that bring about serious damage. One unintended mistake could impact countless users and devices – not to mention the significant consequences of potential actions by those on the inside who might wish the organization harm. 

Despite all this, too many organizations are ill-informed or ill-equipped to research, select and deploy an IAM solution to address these challenges. They need a super hero in the form of a trusted partner to step in and save the day, and Dell actually makes it easy for you, as our partner, to be that hero.

Dell’s IAM solutions evolve as requirements change. Our Dell One Identity family of IAM solutions is entirely focused on reducing complexity. While it’s commonly believed that the only way to solve these problems is to turn to the large, cumbersome products offered by our competitors, our modular and integrated Dell One Identity solutions work for any organization and any skill level. Their true value can be found in the way they help the customer secure access in an easier and more thorough way than the competition.

Our modular and integrated approach gives our partners the ability to implement a powerful IAM solution and overcome the preconceived prejudices toward IAM. In addition, as your customers discover additional security gaps within their systems, our modular approach partners to offer them additional services (and software), covering everything from governance to classification,

Organizations of all types and sizes face IAM challenges and protecting systems and data while enabling access with a holistic, unified and business-centric approach is vital to long-term success and security.

The Dell PartnerDirect program offers a wide range of opportunities to engage and build competency in this very important space, and partners with IAM practices are welcome to explore it. To hear more on our significant commitment and enablement plans for the Dell Security Channel, please read recently posted blogs on this topic by Marvin Blough and Patrick Sweeney.

For more information, visit our Dell PartnerDirect website.

About the Author: John Milburn