Perfect Search: Unlocking Search Innovation

Editor’s Note: Today’s #DellWorld partner blogger is from Tim Stay, CEO of Perfect Search on their approach to search innovation. Follow them on Twitter @PerfectSearchIT. Tune in here on Direct2Dell for full Dell World event coverage starting tomorrow!

Organizations are clamoring for solutions to address the exponential explosion of electronic information. Where to store and how to find the data once it’s stored are two mounting challenges faced by virtually all enterprises.

With the rapid growth of company files, e-mail, databases, and application data, there is a constant need for more storage. But with some storage architectures, growth can mean burdensome storage management and decreased asset utilization. All too often, storage resources can remain trapped behind individual servers, impeding data availability.

The theme of this year’s Dell World 2011 is “Unlocking Innovation in the Virtual Era.” At Perfect Search, we have been inspired by the tradition of innovation at Dell.  Perfect Search is unlocking search innovation: We have developed a patented, innovative new way of doing search that in unparalleled in the industry.  We can do faster queries, handle more data, and provide more relevant results.  As a Dell Technology Partner, Perfect Search is the only enterprise search engine technology that has been certified by Dell.

Perfect Search allows a user to search all the data stored within the Dell DX Object Storage platform. Not only can we search the meta information associated with the file, we can search the unstructured and full text content within the object store.  This is  uniquein the industry and is available with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform and with the Perfect Search Appliance (PSA).  Patented software innovation enables your search with rapid speeds, requiring significantly less hardware and system resources, so you can quickly and cost-effectively access and use information from structured and unstructured data sets gathered from across the enterprise.

We are thrilled to be part of Dell World and invite you to stop by the Dell Innovation in Data Management POD where we will have members of our Perfect Search team alongside the Dell DX Object Storage Platform team members to help demo our product and see how we can help you achieve these cost-saving benefits.

  • Dramatically enhanced productivity—find the information you need when you need it
  • Reining in eDiscovery and regulatory compliance costs with fast and accurate retrieval of required information
  • Scalability that can result in up to a 90% reduction in search-related hardware—energy and hardware replacement savings that also provide room to grow

We look forward to helping your organization unlock the power of search innovation.

About the Author: Tim Stay