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Energy Star Logo For those of you who haven’t heard, next week is Climate Week. Climate change, cap and trade, greenhouse gas emissions – there’s been a ton of talk on these topics this year as the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen grows ever closer.

The  challenge is a big one. No question about that. But it’s important to remember that every one of us – in our homes, in our businesses – can do our small part to contribute to significant, important change. And the simplest thing we can do is use…less…electricity.

So in the spirit of Climate Week, I’m taking this opportunity to remind you of a news release Dell issued back in July of this year, when we announced our broadest line of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star 5.0 compliant desktops, workstations and portables ever. Nearly 60 (59) percent of our laptops and 63 percent of our desktop computers are now Energy Star 5.0-compliant. Additionally, almost all of our desktop computers, workstations and laptops consume less than 5 watts in a low-power mode – this exceeds current energy efficiency requirements set by the EPA.

Part of our commitment to the environment is providing customers with computer systems that make a minimal impact on the planet. So when choosing your next computer, consider more than just screen size, battery life, processor speed… Consider how much energy it will require to run over its lifetime. By choosing Energy Star 5.0 products, you choose minimize your carbon footprint. Each one of those choices can, and will, add up to equal real progress for our climate. 

Learn more about Dell’s energy-efficiency efforts here

About the Author: Tod Arbogast

Topics in this article