Plant a Tree for Me Helps Restore Kansas Wildlife Refuge

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In case you haven’t heard, Dell’s Plant a Tree for Me program has played a key role in restoring 775 acres of forestland in the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Kansas.

Photo by Jaron Nix on Unsplash

More than 230,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be sequestered by these trees throughout their lifetime, which is especially welcome news considering that, according to estimates from the World Bank, 20 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation.

“Protecting the environment is a task that crosses both geographical and generational lines,” said David Frink, senior manager of Dell Corporate Affairs. “We’re excited to partner with our customers, The Conservation Fund and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in broadening the impact of our ‘Plant a Tree for Me’ program and helping ensure the well being of our natural resources.”

So far, more than a hundred thousand trees have been planted through the “Plant a Tree for Me” and “Plant a Forest for Me” programs, and more planting projects are in the works.  In the United States, contributions to these programs start at only a dollar, and the money goes a long way to help reforest hard-hit areas.  If 775 acres of trees land can clean our air that much, imagine the impact we can all have if we continue to put our heads together to save the planet!

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