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I'm proud to share today that we now source more than a quarter of our global electricity needs from clean, renewable energy sources. It's a timely announcement, given World Environment Day is this Friday.

At Dell, we're integrating green power into operations
wherever and whenever possible. We do this via a three-part strategy:
1) we operate our business as efficiently as possible, 2) we buy clean, renewable energy where we can and 3) we offset our remaining carbon impact by purchasing credible, third-party-verified renewable energy credits.

Through green-power partnerships with utility providers, we now
power nine of our facilities in the United States and Europe with 100
percent clean, renewable energy.  And through aggressive energy
efficiency, on-site renewable-energy and green-power partnerships with
our utility partners, we are on track to reduce all of our facilities'
greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2015.

It's critical that our industry help lead the way to a green
economy.  Aggressive energy efficiency and renewable-power targets, as
well as a corporate strategy that prioritizes green in everything a
company does, are essential to making this happen. We're proud of the progress we've made on these fronts at Dell, we know there's more to do. We plan to keep at it.

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Topics in this article