PowerEdge Plus AMD EPYC Equals Better Server Performance in Half the Density, at Half the Cost

Dell PowerEdge R6415 achieves #1 results on TPCx-HS Benchmarks for 1-TB and 10-TB scale factor

It used to be said that data runs the world. They were wrong!  Data drives insights and insights are what matter. However, getting to these insights is hard, time-consuming and expensive. So much so that companies are turning to trusted hardware vendors to find the right tools and solutions to accomplish this very fundamental task. But figuring out which tools you need to uncover those hidden gems can be a challenge. What do most customers do to evaluate the right platform for their projects? They look to industry-standard benchmarks for guidance.

One such benchmark, TPCx-HS, provides guidance related to big data analytics by stressing both hardware and software stacks, including the execution engine (MapReduce or Apache Spark™) and Hadoop® Filesystem API compatible layers. It provides a vendor-neutral evaluation of both a product’s performance and price-performance ratio, thus helping customers make the right choice for their large cluster, data analysis projects.

The Dell PowerEdge R6415 is a single-socket dense server that offers the right feature set for data analysis, as evidenced by its test results in the TPCx-HS benchmark.

As highlighted above, when compared to the Cisco UCS C240 M5 2U/2 socket servers, the PowerEdge R6415 single socket platform has better price/performance:

  • 45% better @ 1-TB Scale Factor
  • 53% better @ 10-TB Scale Factor

Here’s a comparison of the configurations used in this benchmark for the 1TB Scale Factor:

1-TB Scale Factor

The results speak for themselves. The single-socket PowerEdge R6415 is a great solution for Apache Hadoop®-based, big data environments without unnecessary and extra costs. Similarly, this cost-effective server is also ideal for virtualization, scale-out and software-defined storage, bringing high-density computing to the data center.

The PowerEdge R6415 delivers the following high-level key server functionalities:

  • Lower TCO delivering capabilities often requiring dual socket servers
  • Over 3x more direct PCIe 3.0 NVMe* for high bandwidth, low latency storage access
  • High core counts optimized for high performance, multithread architecture workloads

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*Based on Dell Internal Analyses versus comparable Dell PowerEdge R630 configuration.

About the Author: Zaira Noce

Zaira E. Noce creates messaging and marketing content for the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio. Zaira delivers the PowerEdge narrative to customers, partners, and Dell EMC employees worldwide through marketing deliverables, blogs, and other creative content. Zaira has extensive experience in enterprise and commercial segments and has served in various product marketing and management roles in several Fortune 500 IT companies.