Precision Turns 20 and Goes #1

Our founder Michael Dell says that technology is about enabling human potential. Nowhere does it ring truer than the workstation business. Over the past 20 years, workstation business has gone through countless changes and evolved as some of the most creative minds in the world redefine how we develop complex systems, design new ways of building and take entertainment to the brink of reality.

After 20 years of innovation in this space we’ve pioneered groundbreaking tools such as:

  • the first mobile workstation in 2001,
  • the first rack-mounted workstation to enable remote workflows in 2008
  • the first VR-ready workstations in 2016
  • And we just announced the first workstation powerful enough to develop and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence applications and algorithms at SIIGRAPH 2017

Three Dell Precision workstation desktops and one rack workstation

When compared to our original workstation from 20 years ago, our new Dell Precision Tower 7920 is –

  • 32,000 times faster
  • 18,000 less costly
  • 240 times the mem bandwidth
  • 2800 times the graphics performance

We have a supercomputer small enough to sit under your desk.

We celebrated our 20 year milestone with our team members, partners, customers and friends at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles; and we had Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman of Operations and President Client solutions, but most importantly, the founder of the workstation business 20 years ago join us to reminisce about our legacy in the business.

What a journey it has been and how far we have come…to the top – #1 worldwide leader in the workstation business according to the IDC Worldwide Workstation Tracker Q2 2017.

Congratulations to our team, partners and customers on this accomplishment. We could not have done this without you.

And we aren’t done.

Whether it’s processing power, bandwidth, storage capacity, display technology… everything improves 10X every 5 years. That means 15 years from now, we’ll have another 1000X the power, speed, efficiency and capacity we have today. Nothing is impossible anymore. In the future:

  • Next generation PCs will marry the traditional keyboard and mouse to speech recognition, gesture, predictive tools and services to create more natural ways of working – much like we’re doing today with Dell Canvas.
  • We will have richer, more immersive experiences with Augmented and Virtual Reality – transforming manufacturing, construction, training, and design.
  • Predictive technology and machine learning will be the norm. Technology won’t wait on us to tell it to do something, it will tell us. This transition is underway and will only accelerate.

We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to show you the incredible things that Dell Precision is doing so please keep an eye out for all the thing done on a Dell – #DoneonaDell.

About the Author: Rahul Tikoo

Rahul Tikoo is the Senior Vice President for Client Product Group. He is responsible for portfolio strategy, product management and overall business performance for all of Dell’s Commercial and Consumer PCs. In this role, he leads a team that is passionate about building the best products in the world and running the operational processes that ensure that Dell can continue to innovate, develop, and manage a product portfolio that delights customers. Rahul joined Dell in January 2013 to lead Precision Engineering and Architecture teams, bringing several industry leading & award-winning workstation products to market. After that he became Vice President and General Manager for Precision Workstations in the Product Group, delivering high performance computing solutions to creative professionals across a variety of industries. Rahul then led the Mobility team which included business strategy, product planning and marketing of Latitude and Education mobility notebooks. Before joining Dell, Rahul held a variety of leadership roles at Advanced Micro Devices Inc., a leading semiconductor company, leading Server Platform Development, Global Customer Support & Corporate Quality among many others. Rahul holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and is currently based out of Austin, Texas.