Printing in Video

As a light Friday post, we wanted to draw attention to a few new videos put out by our Dell Printing and Imaging team. The first set of videos from Adria Richards (sponsored by Dell). They are all about helping our customers get more from their products – from learning how to network your printer to the benefits of scanning documents to the cloud. In a third video she also walks customers through the advantages and features available in different types of laser printers; especially helpful for customers making their first upgrade from an inkjet printer for either their home or office.

The second set of videos are a little lighter. In these videos, produced by Second City Communications (the business solutions arm of The Second City comedy club and school of improvisation), we find out that Todd, a typical IT guy, has been having nightmares that his boss made him replace the office’s Dell printer with a mediaeval scribe. Let’s just say that the scribe was missing a few of the time- and money-saving features that Todd had grown to rely on from his Dell printer.

About the Author: Paul Nicholson