Product Recycling @ Dell

Recently, several members of the Dell team traveled to Seattle, Washington.  What we didn't know during planning was we'd host one of the largest one-day computer recycling events ever held in North America.  More than 2,700 vehicles came through the event and about 275 tons of used equipment was collected for responsible recycling.    

We hosted that event in partnership with Microsoft and Intechra, and  celebrate America Recycles Day  We're thrilled with the results and we all owe the citizens of the greater Seattle area a big thank you for doing the right thing to protect their environment.

It was a banner day for the Pacific Northwest, and a good reminder that consumers need responsible recycling options for their used computer equipment.  It's why we continue to offer any consumer around the globe free recycling for any used Dell-branded equipment, no purchase required. We continue to ask our competitors to join us in making recycling free and easy for consumers.

We are making progress since we first began a dialogue on recycling.  Last year alone, Dell recovered more than 78 million pounds of used equipment from customers for responsible recycling.  And we are expecting to have even better results for 2007.  This year we saw the passage of progressive recycling legislation in Texas, under the leadership of State Senator Kirk Watson.  Throughout the U.S., we continue to work with Goodwill Industries to expand the Reconnect alliance – this year we announced the free recycling program covers the entire state of New Jersey and the City of Philadelphia.  And around the globe we are working with our partners the National Cristina Foundation to provide a free donation program for working used computers.

There's of course much more to be done and we're committed to continuing to lead our industry on recycling.  As we enter the holiday season, we want to ask our customers, and all members of the ReGeneration, to join us in this recycling commitment.  If you are lucky enough to receive a new computer this season, don't let your old one go to waste, donate or recycle it.  You can help your community and help the environment and Dell will make it easy and free for you.

About the Author: Joe Strathmann