Dell is committed to global citizenship. As an extension of this commitment, we are excited to share Dell's participation in (PRODUCT) RED, thanks in part to the idea smotchberry submitted back in February of last year. Smotchberry has become the first IdeaStorm community member to have two Ideas in Action (first was Carbon Neutral). These ideas help us to continue to contribute both to environment and the health needs of our world.

Beginning today when you purchase any of Dell's (PRODUCT) RED branded products you contribute to the Global Fund. Check out Lionel's post for more details on how you can contribute with Dell. This seemingly simple idea is a great way for Dell to help make a big impact on the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Since the Global Fund provides medications that literally turn around peoples' lives and health, Dell is pleased to make a donation to the Global Fund in smotchberry's name. This donation will provide almost one year of treatment for someone living with AIDS in Africa. 

Keep those great ideas coming and see how Dell and customers can team up to make a difference!

Link back to the idea:  Product Red

Update 6-27-08: Starting today, you now have more ways to help the Global Fund fight AIDS in Africa with Dell and (RED). After the initial launch of Dell's (PRODUCT) RED offerings, we got a lot of feedback from the IdeaStorm community about how we could allow more customers the opportunity to contribute.  Thanks to programatix, jaylus12 and the rest of our IdeaStormers for providing some great feedback on how we could improve PRODUCT (RED). Keep up the great ideas!

Link back to the ideas:Make PRODUCT RED as an item in system configuration ; DELL shouldn't charge $150 more for their (PRODUCT)RED model

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