“The Future of Convergence” Think Tank Recap

As a part of last week’s Enterprise Strategy Update Event in San Francisco, I participated as a Dell representative (along with Graeme Dixon and Matt Baker) in a Social Think Tank with other industry experts about "The Future of Convergence." Our moderator, Michael Keen, did a fantastic job fostering conversation and filling a solid two hour conversation. 

You can view the full video archive here. There were some fantastic takeaways from the panel included in the video below, and I’ve also included a few other quotes that really resonated with me.

  • "Leaders need to look at infrastructure differently than the past 5-6 years. They fundamentally need to put on a new pair of glasses" – Theron Conrey
  • "Fragmentation of IT Services is unhealthy to the business" – Simon Bramfitt
  • "One of the most important aspects that convergence can bring is predictability that the infrastructure will do what is expected of it when it is expected" – Graeme Dixon
  • "70% of IT decisions are pragmatic decisions, which means they are normally bad decisions because it’s what was easiest at the time" – Mark Thiele
  • "We need to get rid of the ‘Do More with Less’ mantra, and instead focus on ‘Doing the right thing with what we have’" – Susan Nunziata
  • "NetApp FlexPod is 42U of Unicorn Dust. Organizations need to stop buying individual components that continuously outpace other infrastructure elements, otherwise one element is always trying to catch up to the rest" – Jason Langone

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About the Author: Scott Herold