ReConnect Program Expands into Western New York

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The ReConnect family has a new member this week.  Recycling for the folks of Western New York is now as easy as simply dropping their old computer equipment at local Goodwill stores.  The ReConnect program was started as a partnership between Dell and Goodwill on the idea that recycling older computer equipment should be quick and easy.  Instead of mailing these used systems in for recycling, they should just be able to drop it off at their local Goodwill and let someone else worry about all the details.  The program has been an resounding success, with participating Goodwills all over the United States taking part.  Reconnect programs currently exist in Austin, Texas, (15 counties in Central Texas), San Francisco (Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties), San Antonio (23 counties in Central and South Texas), Houston (15 counties) North Carolina (49 counties), San Diego County, Pittsburgh, Northern New Jersey, Northwest Ohio and  throughout the state of Michigan

Goodwill Industries of Western New York is very happy to be a part of the partnership with Dell,” said Florence Conti, Goodwill’s President and CEO.  “Responsible recycling of e-waste is critical to our environment and we are excited to offer this program to the communities we serve.  We are glad to join other Goodwill/Dell Reconnect partners around the country in this beneficial community effort while supporting Goodwill’s mission and creating new jobs.”

We join Florence and Goodwill in welcoming Western New York into the ReConnect fold, and look forward to the next big expansion of the program.  With programs like ReConnect, doing our bit to save the planet just got a lot easier.  

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