ReGeneration Roadtrip ‘08

horizon road When we launched earlier this year, we promised to foster a global dialogue on the need for a greener future….dialogue that will lead to action and results. More than 200,000 people have joined the movement to date and our work is only getting started.

Today we’re teaming up with our friends at on a two-week, cross country trip that will shine a light on the thinkers, innovators and leaders driving us toward a greener future. We’re starting in San Francisco and wrapping up in New York City with plenty of stops along the way.  I will be a digital nomad, posting daily to, Facebook, Twitter, and Qik, among others, bringing you videos, blog posts, live streaming shows and, of course, tons of pictures.  Grist’s Sarah van Schagen will be joining me on the trip, so there will also be plenty to see and do on the pages of once we’re on the road.

As we travel, we will be counting on the community to weigh in on the people, places and ideas we encounter along the way.  What questions aren’t we asking that we should be?  What are your major environmental concerns, and more importantly, what are you doing to address them?  We will be showing glimpses and hints of what our green future might entail, but we’d like to hear your thoughts and feedback on the ideas we’ll be showcasing and why they matter.  We'll also be giving away two bamboo Studio Hybrids to members of the ReGeneration community, so be sure to go to often for details on how you can win one.

We’re looking forward to having you with us on the journey.  Let’s hit the road!

About the Author: Todd D