ReGeneration Road Trip – 15 Cities, 15 Days

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The ReGeneration is on the move! To make it easier for customers, Dell employees and stakeholders to find and participate in our conversations about the environment, we’re moving the best of our blog over here to Direct2Dell.  You’ll find the same great posts about what’s news in “green” business and technology, along with the green tips so many of you tell us you love. Join the conversation!

mountain road Across the globe, people and organizations are searching for solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Lifestyles and habits are changing. New methods of generating and conserving energy are being developed. Fresh perspectives on where we fit in the world are taking hold and spreading. In his new book Hot, Flat, and Crowded, journalist and author Thomas L. Friedman calls for a “green revolution,” driven by innovation in the United States and its global partners. From well-funded labs to backyard tool sheds alike, it’s clear that this innovation has already begun. We have a common goal: making our dreams of a sustainable future a reality. The question remains: who is going lead us there and with what?

To this end, we are hitting the roads of America in a hybrid Toyota Prius searching for answers. Starting today in San Francisco, CA, and ending on October 7th in New York City,’s Sarah van Schagen and I will cross the country talking to people about their environmental concerns and the steps they are taking to address them. We’ll also be shining a spotlight on the emerging leaders of this movement, both big and small. Every step of the way, we are going to be asking for your input to help guide us. Through frequent updates on Grist and, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Qik and others, we will be true digital nomads sharing what we learn on the road and invite you to weigh in on our discoveries. What questions are not being asked that you would like addressed? What are you currently doing to help drive change? Where do you think we are headed? We will also be giving away two of the bamboo Dell Studio Hybrids, so be sure to come back often for details on how you can get your hands on one of them.

There’s no question the world and people of tomorrow will be different than what exists today. With your help, we hope to find out what that world will look like and the role we’ll all play. There will be plenty of room in the Prius for you to join us on this adventure. Let’s hit the road!

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Topics in this article