SBA Issues Tax Rebate Scam Alert to Small Businesses

As it gets closer to that dreaded April 15 tax filing deadline, Small Business owners need to be aware of a Tax Rebate scam that is going around. The scam consists of a letter written on what appears to be a copy of the Small Business Administration’s letterhead, asking for banking information in order to qualify them for federal tax rebates under the government’s Economic Stimulus Act. The letter asks the small business owner to provide the name of its bank and account number.

Mike Stamler of the SBA says “The letters have not been sent by or authorized by the SBA, and all small businesses are strongly advised not to respond to them”. This scheme is similar to other email “phishing” scams where you’re asked to provide personal data and financial account information that enables a scammer to access your bank account and steal your identity.

The SBA is working with the SBA Office of Inspector General to investigate this matter. The Office of Inspector General asks that anyone who receives such a letter report it to the OIG Fraud Line at 1 (800) 767-0385, or e-mail at

About the Author: Robert Peek