In Search of the Perfect Workplace

Each and every day, a multitude of new hires join Dell Technologies worldwide. As a new hire, it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about a new environment. I can still remember my first day and how it took me forever to choose my outfit, and even longer to figure out how I could leave a good first impression on my colleagues and managers. Luckily, though, it wasn’t long before I felt at home in my new workplace, surrounded by so many inspiring people.

I felt the need to portrait a sincere and helpful summary of several discoveries I made as “the new guy”, at the Dell Casablanca office, and why I feel I found the perfect place to work.


At the beginning of my journey with Dell Technologies I had an amazing opportunity to broaden my networking abilities and polish my social skills by meeting a lot of new, interesting and passionate people. Some of these people grew to have a tremendous impact on my career and how I perceived my future role in the company. As expected, certain colleagues grabbed my attention, thanks to their extraordinary life and work balance. One of these people was Naser, who has been working here in the Casablanca office for the grand total of 14 years.

It felt natural to seek his advice on both a professional and personal level. Not everyone has the chance to have a mentor or a role model that they can look up to, but Naser has been there for me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone more experienced, and to be able to rely on their best practices and knowledge.

Being a young professional in a completely new role has its challenges, but knowing I have the support from my colleagues makes me feel very lucky to be a part of the Dell Technologies family.

Career Development

One of my great colleagues, Aztout Nasreddine joined the company after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Barking College in London. After graduating in 2005, Aztout worked as an Inside Sales Representative for the Spanish market. He later held the position of EMEA Online Help Desk for Spanish and French customers. One year later, he was promoted to the EMEA Catalogue manager and held this position for 8 years. However; this wasn’t the end of his career development, he was promoted once again and currently occupies the position as a TSR for the Nordic market.

Aztout’s story wasn’t only impressive to me, it was also inspirational. Knowing that the company I work for supports the career development of their employees is extremely appealing, especially to young, passionate and ambitious millennials like myself.

Relationship and Skill Building

Aztout explained that in order to be successful in this line of business, you need to maintain strong relationships with both customers and colleagues.

“I’m a pro-active, self-starter, target driven individual, capable of delivering quality results that drive revenue in multifunctional and international environments. I do this by using a balance of analytical and interpersonal skills to optimize business, reduce risk & simplify procedures” said Naser.

This left an impactful impression on me, as I now understand that you need to put your priorities in order and treat every request with your ‘arsenal’ of skills. In the last 5 months, I have been a part of an awesome team of Technical Sales Representatives in the Italian Market, where I’ve had the opportunity to develop my technical, communication and problem-solving skills daily.

Personal Learnings

There are many things I’ve learned so far which can be used to advise future employees and young professionals:

  • Everyone makes mistakes and you should never be afraid to make one. It’s part of the learning process and each mistake is just another lesson to learn. Be brave!
  • Work on your organizational skills and time management – learn to prioritize and find time for work-life balance.
  • Do more than is expected, making sure you contribute and learn as you go.
  • Observe, learn and adapt – best practices are out there for a reason.

In my conversations with colleagues, we came to the same conclusion: Dell Technologies in Casablanca, Morocco is a great place to work. It is a friendly environment and one of the fastest growing companies in the IT industry. Our office offers employees all sorts of benefits like fitness subscriptions, access to health facilities and tuition reimbursement programs. According to Aztout Nasreddine, an employee with 14 years of experience, this is what makes a company stand out.

I truthfully feel I found the right place—a company with one of the greatest work environments in the market.

I’m excited to see how Dell Technologies and the Moroccan Office will help me develop my career.

About the Author: Fouad Saoudi

Fouad works as a TSR at Dell EMC in Casablanca, Morocco for the Italian Market . He joined the EMEA Graduate Grogram in September 2018, where he became a part of a Large Commercial and Technical Team. His academic background contains: master’s studies and bachelor in Teaching Italian Language from Universita per Stranieri di Perugia and a bachelor in IT from IGA in Rabat. Fouad has a previous experience in technical support, supervision and administration of the IT systems. He has also been engaged in many project as a freelancer.