Securing Dell’s vCloud Datacenter Service with Dell SecureWorks

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Last week, I blogged on the new Trend Micro encryption technology added to Dell’s Cloud with vCloud Datacenter Service to enhance our security features for enterprise customers. I want to continue on the security theme by looking at how Dell is using our industry leading SecureWorks solution to manage and monitor our Dell vCloud.

SecureWorks provides enterprise customers three primary sets of security features to ensure solutions are as secure as possible based on the latest research and security issues:

In the case of Dell Cloud with vCloud, security monitoring takes vital data from security devices, infrastructure servers, and hypervisors and passes it through a multi-phase series of filters and correlation rules. The results are then examined by specially trained SOC personnel the instant they are received and appropriate action is taken immediately should an issue be found. Customers set threat levels with Dell to indicate which security threats require notification and which threats can be taken care of directly by the Dell security professionals. However, Dell does not make changes to any customer system without explicit instructions from the customer.

The Dell SecureWorks team is also able to push preventative attack countermeasures to customers before they see any real threat. By monitoring thousands of customer environments covering billions of events per day; Dell typically sees new threats the instant they are first used and develops countermeasures quickly to enhance security protection for customers.

As you can see, Dell SecureWorks is a clear leader in providing state-of-the-art protection for large datacenters and cloud infrastructures on a global basis. With compliance support for GLBA/FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC/CIP, and PCI Dell is able to offer complete industry solutions for Banking, Credit Unions, Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and government.

CNBC turns to Dell SecureWorks for its cyber security expertise in the filming of the riveting documentary: "Code Wars: America’s Cyber Threat". Don Jackson, Senior Researcher with the Counter Threat Unit research team, takes news anchor Melissa Lee behind the scenes of the notorious ZeuS Banking Trojan.

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Topics in this article