Small Business Tech Tip: Virtually Double Your Printer and Save Time

If you are like me, you primarily print in two modes, Draft and
Final. Changing these settings back and forth all the time can drain a
lot of time.  Instead, consider “installing” your printer a second
time, with different properties.  

To install your printer a second time, go to the Start button find the Control Panel and open the Printers icon.  Click the Add Printer
icon and install your printer a second time just as you originally did,
however, this time when the installation wizard asks for the printer’s
name, give it a different one, such as Draft Printer. After installation is complete you will notice an icon for two printers in the Printers
folder—the original installation and the most recently one.  Rename the
original printer to clearly define its use by right-clicking and
selecting Rename.  For example, you may want to call the original installation Draft Document Printer and the new installation Final Document Printer.  Lastly, to right-click each installation’s icon and select Properties to adjust the corresponding and appropriate settings, including color, resolution, printed sides, paper size, etc.   

Now the only setting change you'll have to make when printing is
selecting the printer name/installation with the properties you want to

About the Author: Kelly Curnow