Soccer Fans – Show your colors!

It’s football season! Starting today and going through July 11 millions of people around the world will be following their favorite team(s) as they make their way through the gauntlet of matches in South Africa. Soccer (a.k.a. football) is an amazing sport (my daughter plays high school varsity) with even more amazing fans. Many years ago when I lived in Germany, I was thoroughly startled one night to actually hear my German neighbors in the townhome next to ours raise their voices. Over the next hour short emotional outbursts resonated through the common wall – this was unprecedented! Finally, while switching channels on the TV, my husband came across the reason – a World Cup soccer match with the German team was on. We started watching it and immediately the muffled commentary from next door aligned with the action on the TV. Soon after we found ourselves adding to the cacophony –urging the German team on.

So what does this have to do with Dell? Well, I’m glad you asked! This is one global sporting event that truly ignites national pride, and the fans are not shy about sporting their team’s and country’s colors. And so, for the truly dedicated soccer fan I would suggest you check out the “Anthem” collection on Design Studio, Dell’s virtual online art gallery that allows individual to personalize their laptop. This grouping of 24 original designs draw inspiration from the colors on the national flags and / or the national soccer teams uniforms from 12 different countries. The Anthem collection is separated into two subsets –Victory and Heritage. The Victory designs are subtle, blending national colors via a discreet stripe or two across a solid single color background.


The Heritage designs are bolder with some featuring national icons, like the blue silhouette of an eagle on a field of red and white stripes, a Bull standing with horns lowered on a deep red backdrop, or the simple yet distinctive St. George’s Cross. Countries represented include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, and USA.


Anthem designs are available an as personalization option ($85) on Studio laptops (14,15 and 17), The Mini 10 (1012) netbook, and select Inspiron laptops.

About the Author: Anne Camden