Some Details About This Swarm Thing

Earlier this week, we launched a social shopping experiment in Canada called Swarm. I asked for some details from Laszlo Molnar from our team in Canada and here’s what he told me. Even if you’re not in Canada, I’d welcome you to poke around the swarm site there and let me know what you think.



Swarm comes to Canada

Our friends in Canada are testing piloting something from Dell and Intel called “Swarm.” Check it out by clicking here.

Swarm is all about joining a group to drop the price of a Dell computer you would like to purchase. Whether it is with friends or people you don’t know, the more people who join the Swarm group, the more the price comes down. While everyone pays the same low final price when the Swarm closes, you’ll still be able to customize your computer to your personal liking before purchasing it.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains the Swarm concept:

Swarm is a new program we are piloting in Dell Canada, created in partnership with Intel. This represents the second trial we’ve launched—Singapore was first. Due to its success, we are now bringing it across another continent and giving it a try in Canada.

You can check out the site here:, or click on the image below.

Dell Swarm Canada

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