Status and Points in the Dell Community

Since we rolled out the new site, several folks have asked about status and points. Dell Community members like zoofence have asked about the point system on our community site. nissi2 also asked about them in his comment. jronesi started a thread in the forum about it.

There are two main components: Status and Points. Think of this like the frequent flyer programs. You can be a Gold member, with 200,000 miles. You status is Gold, your points or miles are your activity. Where we differ from the airlines is that your status does not expire every year.

Status is based on activity once you register. Every time a registered member starts a forum thread, replies to a forum, comments on a blog post; that activity counts towards status. For instance, a new community member is automatically “Copper.” After 5 posts, replies; the status is upgraded to “Bronze”. This metal classification is a legacy status program in Dell Forums. So you will see longtime highly-active members that are Gold, Platinum, or Diamond (top tier).

Points are new with our site. At present you earn points for multiple activities like:

  • Posting a forum question
  • Answering a forum question
  • Creating a new wiki article
  • Editing a wiki article; and
  • Other various activities.

I have not fully determined how we can use points. One idea is to trade in points for virtual goods. What I do know is that points need to remain separate from status. Your status should remain with you.

About the Author: Sean M