STEMAspire Mentee

The STEMAspire program is a life changing experience for me. It has opened a lot of opportunities in which I can progress and discover more about myself and my career.

I feel fortunate to be in an IT course which has provided me with the opportunity to be a part of this program. This program is a huge step for me to discover more about a work place because Pam (my mentor) and I, we both usually prefer meeting up in the office where she works.  I think that this 12-month program will help me learn a lot about how things work in an IT industry and how I can progress within this sector. My goal out of this whole program is not only to prove that us women are as smart and capable of being in an IT industry but also to inspire more young women to sign up for this program in the future to prove themselves.

As well as inspiring other young women to get on board and prove themselves, I also want to find a suitable job opportunity for myself within DELL. Pam and I have some plans on how we can arrange a meeting with the people working in different sectors of IT so they can give me a shot of how it would be like to work in that department.  That will help me decide the specific job I would want to choose as a career.

Our blog was kept on delaying due to that fact that I had college and it was that time of the year where I had my final exams and whole lot of other project work for my classes. Hence why I was unable to set up my Twitter and LinkedIn account.

But now that I am back in the saddle, I am quite excited to blog about my journey as a Mentee as well as a woman in an IT industry. I am excited to sit down with some of the experience staff within Dell so that I can learn from them about how things work and what challenges they must face.  I am also very excited to get connected with some of the amazing people on my LinkedIn and twitter so that I can hopefully inspire more women and get them to join this amazing program too!

About the Author: Vardah Malik