Straight from the Source: Data Guard Systems Saves Big with Virtualization

This morning, Dell announced a new portfolio of products and solutions designed to help companies of all sizes run IT more efficiently. One of these core technology solutions, and some might say the heart of an efficient infrastructure, is virtualization.

Its simplest definition is that virtualization increases server utilization so companies can use less hardware, in less space, and drawing less power – less everything – while scaling business up. And while virtualization is one of many possible “tools” in the “IT toolbox”, it is a cost-efficient, scalable solution for fast-growing midsized companies. And for small and medium businesses who want to deploy virtualization quickly, Dell now offers SMB Business-Ready Virtualization Configuration as a cost effective virtualization solution that cuts months off the planning and deployment timeline. 

Data Guard Systems, a software application service company for the cell phone retail industry, is one example of a Dell customer using virtualization to save energy, time and money.

Data Guard Systems CEO Tim Maliyil approached Dell with a challenge: how can we streamline our IT to handle business growth while also solving space, electrical and cooling issues? With Dell’s virtualization solutions – hardware, deployment services and software – Data Guard Systems was able to save more than $20,000 each month and now has a flexible IT environment that can scale with their customers’ seasonal demand.

“It’s made our lives very easy for the Christmas season, when we see our load increase 50-80%. When the Christmas season is behind us, we simply turn off those extra resources. Implementing virtualization, the immediate savings came by turning off additional, unused servers and saving electricity, but there were also efficiencies in human resources, a hidden benefit of the virtual infrastructure. Hard to quantify, but priceless to have our people use their time focusing on the future rather than maintaining the status quo.” — Tim Maliyil, president and CEO, Data Guard Systems.

To hear the full Data Guard Systems story, check out the case study video below.

About the Author: Kara Krautter