Suffering from congestion? Dell Networking can help.

The data center is changing. New workloads, network traffic patterns and performance demands require a new approach to network architecture. And enterprise IT leaders are increasingly concerned about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) readiness, lowering network costs and staying ahead of the demands of the mobile workforce.

Dell Networking has the answer, and it starts with the Power of 10. Dell’s award-winning 10Gb Ethernet solutions give customers the ability to optimize their data centers for new workloads, upgrade their infrastructures at their own pace to SDN-ready top-of-rack and blade switches, and relieve the congestion of east-west traffic jams.

Dell Active Fabric solutions deliver an SDN-ready network fabric and simplify operations through easy-to-use configuration, deployment, management and monitoring tools. And our fixed form factor approach redefines the economics of fabric by driving across-the-board reductions in CAPEX, physical footprint, design and deployment time, and energy consumption.

The benefits extend to the campus and the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce with a comprehensive portfolio of versatile, stackable 10GbE switching for the campus and wiring closet, and high-performance 802.11ac wireless solutions.

Learn more about how Dell Networking is enabling tomorrow’s data center today. Check out this infographic and watch the video below to hear more about the Dell networking value proposition from me directly. You can also get an overview of how Dell Networking is easing networking congestion with this blog.

About the Author: Tom Burns