Take Your Own Path takes off in France

As part of our commitment to small businesses, today Dell celebrates France’s spirit of entrepreneurship through an exciting marketing initiative – the Take Your Own Path campaign. Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of five of France’s SMB top achievers or ‘real heroes’ of business, the campaign roll-out will include a multi-phased launch with a media mix including print, digital media and broadcast spots, and extensive SMS messaging over the coming months.

Today’s launch in France, the first in Europe, follows the first launch of Take Your Own Path in India last October. Understanding that the needs of customers is central to the Take Your Own Path campaign, Dell’s new marketing effort is designed to improve interactivity with its current and potential customers by opening more channels for dialogue and discussions.

The heroes in our campaign come from different industries of varying sizes and backgrounds. What is common is that each has chosen to take their own path and each has a success story to tell. Together, they represent a new breed of business achievers and they prove that no matter what your goals are, taking your own path can lead you to success – and Dell is the brand that can take you there.

We’re celebrating their passion, their determination, their wisdom and their dreams.

And we’re celebrating the role that Dell plays in their success.

Instead of the well-worn road, they’ve chosen to take their own path. And we’re proud to be part of their journey.

The heroes

Marc Simoncini of Meetic

Marc’s small but growing dating site quickly became the hottest social trend in Europe. In only 7 years, Meetic grew from 3 to 450 employees. Allegedly, Meetic is also responsible for the birth of 60,000 babies in France alone.  Do you know a Meetic couple?

Marc du Pontavice of Xilam

Marc’s animation studio was the first in France to burst onto the international scene. Today, with 120 employees, Xilam is helping France remain the third largest animation exporter in the world – just behind the US and Japan. Ever heard of Oggy and the Cockroaches?

Alain de Mendonca of Promovacances.com

Alain launched his leading travel site when the Dot-com bubble had just burst. Today Promovacances.com is one of France’s most successful businesses. They’ve grown from 2 to 700 employees in just 8 years. Have you ever taken a Promovacances holiday?

Jean Mizrahi of Ymagis

Jean was among the first to realize the potential of digital film. Today, with 15 employees, Ymagis converts thousands of cinemas across Europe.  Maybe they’ve converted a theatre near you.

Sebastien Leopold of Sunnco

Sebastien quit his day job to help clean up the planet. Today Sunnco is a leading solar panel company in France – having grown from 10 to 200 employees in under 3 years. Did you know much CO2 (and money) you can save with solar energy?

About the Author: Mark Moebius