Taking Simplicity to a New Level with Hybrid Cloud Platforms

As this summer’s world-class Olympic athletes demonstrated, being successful in a fiercely competitive environment means constantly upping your game.  Success is about pushing the limits of what is expected while always remaining strategic. Similarly, we’re preparing our hybrid cloud customers to grasp and maintain their competitive advantage.

The EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud was designed to increase agility for traditional applications, freeing up resources to invest in innovation. For customers looking to develop cloud-native applications and a DevOps strategy, EMC Native Hybrid Cloud provides the agility they need without risk. Customers can invest time in driving business value as EMC continues to develop and deliver innovations into our cloud platforms.

Today, we are announcing several Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Native Hybrid Cloud enhancements …

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has increased data center support by 2X

Physically distributed data centers can now be centrally managed using a single self-service catalog.  The ability to leverage up to 4 vCenters across 4 sites seamlessly brings increased responsiveness to the business.

Optimize Data Protection on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Just like every Olympian needs a training strategy that is specific to their individual needs, not all applications have the same requirements.  Workloads evolve, and therefore, adjusting the level of protection should be simple.  For those using Avamar or Data Domain, backup service levels can be modified at any time throughout the workload lifecycle.  New support for anytime Virtual Machine Encryption with CloudLink and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines provides granular data protection down to the individual workload or virtual machine. Services can be added, deleted or modified as-needed basis.

Streamline the Delivery of Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Apps and Infrastructure Services

For new customers, the next version of the platform is targeted for later this year. These enhancements are planned to include new workflows that automate application to infrastructure provisioning to reduce the time and complexity of delivering new services.

Start small and rapidly scale with Native Hybrid Cloud

At the end of the third quarter of 2016, EMC plans to offer a new Native Hybrid Cloud option based on the VCE VxRail 200 and 200F models. This was designed for companies that want to get their feet wet with a DevOps strategy and expand as demand for new apps grow. Implementing a new cloud-native platform doesn’t mean organizations have to start from scratch. IT can leverage existing investments and knowledge of vSphere and vSAN technology to proceed with confidence and minimal risk.


EMC Global Services deployment helps to eliminate risks and accelerates time to value through a comprehensive portfolio of services to help speed adoption including newly enhanced Implementation Services. Operating model services help customers define and build the roles and processes to evolve from a technology-siloed IT organization to a services-oriented operating model.

Many Olympic athletes believe, “you can’t put a limit on anything.” At EMC, we’re removing those limitations.

To see our platforms in action, visit either of our demo sites; ehcdemo.com or nhcdemo.com. Or, learn more on our webpage and follow @emccloud on Twitter.

About the Author: Berna Devrim