TechKnowledge: A Conversation with Rashmi Sinha, Cofounder & CEO of SlideShare

If you were asked who is the “YouTube of slides”, what would you say?  If you answer with “SlideShare," then I would argue you are correct.

I caught up recently with Rashmi Sinha, Cofounder & CEO of SlideShare during a break at the Microsoft Strategic Architects Forum in San Francisco to talk about the world of slides and what the key trends are today. 

Many of our Direct2Dell readers know of SlideShare.  What you may not know is that it is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.  And we share a lot of them…..over 3,000 per day on SlideShare alone. 

SlideShare is also turning into its own community with 10 million unique visitors in October and over 75% of the traffic from outside the U.S.  We’re setting up private and public accounts, embedding more and more decks in our blogs and sites and joining in more conversations together.

I’ll let Ramshi tell us more in our vlog interview, but before we get there, I did ask her what her favorite presentation is of all time.   Turns out it is a deck called “Shift Happens.”


About the Author: Bob P