Technology for One Million Children

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The digital divide is an issue that has been debated extensively over the years, and it remains a critical problem in both developed and developing countries. Today, more than 70 percent of the world is still not connected.

While most experts agree that delivering widespread technology access remains important, one of the biggest hurdles today is equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills and knowledge to better themselves. I recently sat down with two of the leading experts in social entrepreneurship and the global digital divide to talk about this challenge. Charles Leadbeater, journalist and author of “We Think,” and Rodrigo Baggio, founder of the Center for Digital Inclusion, share their insights on this important topic.

This week, Dell released its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, in which we reported that 1 million children took part in our corporate giving programs – programs such as Dell YouthConnect, which partners with 26 non-governmental and non-profit organizations globally, including the Center for Digital Inclusion, to provide technology access and skills to underserved children in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Morocco, France and the United Kingdom. 

And in the United States, young people are benefitting from the Dell Foundation’s Equipping Youth grants focused on preparing youth for the 21st century.

However, none of these efforts would exist without the dedication of our employees worldwide who understand that technology access alone isn’t enough; they volunteer their time and technology know-how to their local communities to make a difference.

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Topics in this article