Tell Your Friends About the Dell Social Innovation Competition

We've talked about the Dell Social Innovation Competition many times here before, but I want to remind you one more time to check it out because now it is more exciting than ever!   We have embedded videos and we just made it easier to tell your friends about your favorite entries as well.  Let me explain –

Videos – Each team has posted a short video on their project to better explain their vision.  There are some really unique and creative ones out there, so go have a look.

Share with your Friends – Next to each idea on the site, you can now see a Facebook icon.  By clicking the icon, you are taken to Face Connect to identify your Facebook account. 

From there, your comment and entry will be posted to your Facebook Wall. It is easier and more efficient than ever to tell your friends which ideas you like as well as any comments you have on those ideas.  You can see the idea I posted on my Wall today below.

Deadline – There are just 6 days left to vote for the entry you believe deserves $50,000 and the opportunity to change the world.  Voting ends on April 21st and the 3 Finalists will be announced on April 24th. 

Have a look, choose your favorite entry and then tell all your friends about it as well!

About the Author: Vida Killian