Telling the story of Dell’s transformation to solutions provider

Note from Lionel: Not too long ago, I blogged about Dell’s solutions strategy. And in my Direct2Dell Turns 5 post I mentioned to expect more solutions and services content on Dell blogs. With that, below is a post from our VP of Enterprise Solutions Strategy and Technology, Praveen Asthana. He will be contributing posts to Direct2Dell, the IT Executive Blog and the Dell-sponsored site Below is Praveen’s initial blog post. You can find his second post here on the IT Executive blog.


A CIO recently remarked to me that he feels like he is caught up in a whirlwind: his users are increasingly mobile, global and connected, data growth is exploding, competitive pressures demand IT be used as a strategic tool, budgets are flat to down, IT skills are scarce and new technology is coming in fast and furious: virtualization, dedupe, converged infrastructure, HTML5, VDI, private cloud, public cloud. 

All this change, taken at once, can push IT into crisis mode; but remember that the Chinese symbol for crisis is “danger” and “opportunity.” 

Sometimes a crisis can represent a huge business opportunity – it’s not always a threat. We want to help our customers focus on the “opportunity.”

My team is developing strategies to help Dell take advantage of such transitions in technology and customer usage.  We believe Dell is well positioned to gain a leadership position in the IT environments of the future.

As we undertake this journey, I want to keep you informed through posts on what is happening with customer needs, industry moves, technology shifts and how Dell is responding.  As an example, take a listen to my recent interview with Techonomy founder and author of “The Facebook Effect” David Kirkpatrick, in which I discussed the advantages of cloud computing for businesses of all sizes. 

I look forward to our journey together. Take a look at my other blog post The impact of mobility on the data center over on IT Executive.You can also follow me on Twitter @asthanaprav.

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