The Latitude 2110 netbook is not just for child’s play

You might have already seen details on our latest evolution of Dell’s popular Latitude netbook with the launch of the Latitude 2110 on sites like Liliputing, CrunchGear and NexGadget. If you haven't the 2110 is the only commercial netbook with a durable, easy to grip rubberized case armored to handle the rigors of student…and business life.

Latitude 2110 - Rear View

Although we originally purposed the Latitude 2100 series for the K-12 education market, large enterprise clients and government agencies have been drawn to its unique combination of headache-free manageability and low price point. Our business customers are engaging the 2100 in new ways, such as for e-learning in business environments, and in the hotel environment where visitors can “check out” or “rent” the netbooks, enabling hassle free and light travel. Also, some of our large retail customers are providing the Latitude 2100 netbooks to shoppers onsite to augment their shopping experience.

Taking into account these new commercial uses, we developed the next evolution of the 2100 with the mindset that “one size does not fit all” – and the new Latitude 2110 netbook truly holds up to this mantra, whether you are a student or business professional. The Latitude 2110 netbook offers new advanced audio and collaboration with state-of-art microphone and optional webcam, and the high definition Truelife Display (1366×768) and optional Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator enhances HD streaming and video playback. It doesn’t stop there – the Latitude 2110 includes anywhere connectivity options such as embedded mobile broadband and WiMAX and boasts an SSD drive up to 64GB. The Latitude 2110 is also available in Red, Black, and Blue.

The Latitude 2110’s tamper-resistant keyboard and anti-microbial rubber coating can stand up to even the toughest bumps and bruises. And, the extended 6-cell battery life has no match for pulling the last minute all-nighter—whether it’s a term paper or business proposal that is due at 8am.

Additionally, organizations can utilize the Dell Mobile Computing Station 2.0 (sold separately and available in select countries) to store, charge and manage up to 24 netbooks at one. The station is backward compatible with Latitude 2100 and offers Wireless Access Point and Ethernet Switch with wake on LAN capability.

So as you can see, the Latitude 2110 netbook experience is not just for child’s play and we are excited for our business customers to find new and innovative uses to spark their creative juices, find peace of mind, and unleash new productivity levels and growth.

About the Author: Jake Whitman