The ‘Re-Generation’

Today, Michael is in London for World Environment Day where he is announcing a long-term, global effort to strive to be the greenest technology company on the planet.

Michael also expressed an idea that we are all living today in the 'Re-Generation'—people of all ages who want to make a difference in improving the Earth we all share. Environmental goals and benchmarks have always been integral to Dell—our employees, customers and stakeholders expect high standards and we're committed to meeting them.

We will extend our partnership with customers, suppliers and stakeholders to conduct IT lifecycle assessments, manage Dell’s direct and indirect climate impacts and reduce the company’s carbon intensity. We're already a leader among Fortune 50 companies when measured by carbon intensity and are committed to maintain that leadership, today we pledged to reduce our own carbon intensity 15 percent by 2012. We have piloted power management initiatives throughout our global facilities that have shown tremendous energy and cost savings, we're investigating how we can share this with customers.

We've accomplished quite a bit in the last few years, but there's always more we can achieve. In that spirit, we're asking customers to share their ideas via the Environmental category in IdeaStorm on how we can make Dell the greenest technology company on the planet. You can also look for the icon below in the Lighning Rod section of IdeaStorm for more information—it's near the top right corner of the IdeaStorm home page. Clicking on the image below will also take you there.

Here's how it will work: 

  • We'll be collecting ideas from June 5 until June 26
  • For those who submit the best ideas, we will make a donation to a non-profit organization of your choice
  • We expect that five donations will be given of $1,000 each based on vote totals

 There's more detailed information and an overview of programs we already have in place on a new webpage ( The Ideas in Action section of IdeaStorm also has update information. 

Plant a Tree for Me in Europe

Michael also announced that we're expanding our Plant a Tree for Me program to Europe. For £1 per notebook or £3 pounds per desktop (€1.50 and €4.50 respectively), customers can offset the emissions associated with the electricity that their computers use (also available for an extended selection of products with no purchase required). 

All donations received by the program go to The Conservation Fund and, non-profit organizations that plant trees in sustainably managed reforestation projects. The program is an important customer tool to raise awareness about computing climate impacts, and offers customers an easy way to take action to offset the impact their use of their computers has on the environment.

Beyond expanding the program, Michael will personally match all consumer donations to the Plant a Tree for Me program for the next three months.Please feel free take a few minutes to explore our new Dell Earth Web site and learn about ways you can join us in making an impact.

This 3:26 vlog contains two parts: first, our Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Jarvis elaborates on the Re-Generation, and in the second part, Michael explains why our goal to become the greenest technology company on the planet is important to all of us.

We look forward to your feedback.

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