The SharePoint Conference 2012 – A Quest/Dell Recap

If you’re not a SharePoint devotee, didn’t make the trip or even wonder what your teams are doing at SPC, you’ve missed out on a lot.  This conference is quickly becoming the crown jewel of the Microsoft event circuit surpassing TechEd’s attendance numbers and setting its sights on WPC and MGX for the largest Microsoft event in the world.  Some of you may scratch your head at that notion, but I tell you, it’s true.  And this year’s event in Las Vegas is testament to the growing momentum behind SharePoint in the enterprise. With over 10,000 people in attendance the 5 day event was packed full of just about everything you’d expect from a conference and just a little bit more when it comes to the SharePoint community.  From the key note, where the message was Social, Social, The Cloud and more social, to the Exhibit Hall where tablets were the most sought after giveaway – driving the BYOD explosion, to the abundant parties including Microsoft’s attendee party featuring Jon Bon Jovi, the collaborative folks in the SharePoint ecosystem didn't miss a chance to connect! 

So I got to thinking about the social aspect of SPC, as Chris McNulty and I discussed our desire to have the show last just a bit longer so as to spend more meaningful time with everyone despite my feet and back protesting loudly.  The planned and adhoc collaboration at an event like SPC is exactly what the social features in SharePoint 2013 are about.  The ability to remain connected to your global team and collaborate naturally, casually, the way we might if all co-located.  One of the greatest benefits of SPC for me is the ability get our entire SharePoint team together just once a year (or two).  Chatting over breakfast, brainstorm over drinks or just comparing notes after a customer conversation, the ability to “socialize” with each other is what keeps this diverse team, from at least 6 different countries and countless time zones, humming along and always performing at its best.  Isn’t that exactly what the social capabilities in SharePoint 2013 and Yammer are designed to do?  Bring your teams closer together, in a natural way so they increase productivity!

Now I could go on to boast about the Quest/Dell team and how hard they worked at the conference but I think it’s much more fun to see them in action so check out the videos we shot below!  And we’ll see you at a SharePoint event near you very soon!

Happenings at the Dell booth:  

Dell Quest at the SharePoint 2012 Conference

About the Author: Susan Roper