The Year of IT

A review of some of the true server heroes of 2020: our customers.

Looking back at 2020, I am truly inspired by the heroic actions of IT organizations! Many of us who rely on IT daily to manage our applications, help us recover our passwords, and save us from our own mistakes often forget how much we depend on our IT teams to keep us productive and successful. I remember how quickly our own Dell Technologies IT organization responded last year, enabling us to work from home and delivering critical resources no matter where we were physically located.  And this was not unique to Dell – organizations and companies around the globe have relied on their IT teams to keep them productive, safe, and successful. This year in so many ways has been a year for IT. I am very grateful for being part of a company that has helped IT support so many people around the globe.

We want to recognize each and every one of our unique customers for giving Dell Technologies the opportunity to partner with your organization as you rapidly pivoted to respond to the needs of workers going remote, to service your customers remotely, to handle restrictions on travel, and to provide secure online tools. It was definitely a year of unexpected challenges, and you are the real heroes of our business.

Here are just a few customers I’d like to highlight:

Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Frost Science relies on state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to power its aquarium, planetarium, and online exhibitions and shows – as well as support employees while many work from home.  Frost museum IT admins can remotely manage and efficiently monitor the aquarium, upload videos and manage Frost Science@Home livestreaming thanks to the creative use of the Dell EMC iDRAC.

Ascend Money

With 6 locations across Asia, Ascend Money has succeeded through innovation—changing the way people access financial services. The company knows its pace of innovation depends on the IT underpinning the business.

“We decided to standardize on Dell EMC PowerEdge because of the build quality and the local support available,” says John Cattrall, Head of Technology Operations at Ascend Money. “All our IT engineers are familiar with the PowerEdge platform. Regular firmware updates help maintain the security of the servers and OpenManage software simplifies management through a single pane of glass.”

Somerset NHS and Musgrove Park Hospital

The Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, together with Musgrove Park Hospital, provides inpatient, outpatient, emergency care, and children’s and maternity services to around 340,000 people local to Somerset, England.

By moving their applications to the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular server, the Musgrove Park Hospital was able to improve clinician efficiency by 50%. The biggest impact was for clinicians, who can access the information they need from across the entire healthcare organization in one place with one login and without unnecessary manual paperwork, inputting information in half the time.

Thank You

Thanks to our valued customers, IDC has announced that Dell Technologies is once again the leader in global server revenue and market-share for the third quarter of 2020. Here is the report for your review:  IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker. Being a leader is extremely rewarding, but we could not have accomplished this without the support and partnership from our customers and partners.

About the Author: Jonathan Seckler