Three-Peat! Dell SuperMassive Again Earns “Recommended” by NSS Labs

Today, NSS Labs announced that the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 Next-Generation Firewall running SonicOS 6.0 has again earned the highest rating of “Recommended” in its 2014 Next-Generation Firewall Security Value Map (SVM) – for the third year in a row and was rated as one of the top products for security effectiveness, performance and scalability.  

These NSS Labs test results are verifiable and repeatable proof points that Dell Security next-generation firewalls deliver on our product promise, and empower enterprise to achieve breakthrough performance at unprecedented levels of security and market-leading TCO.

NSS Labs Report

The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 proved effective against all evasion techniques tested. During testing, the SuperMassive blocked 96.4 percent of attacks against server applications, 99.1 percent of attacks against client applications, and 97.9 percent overall. The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 is rated by NSS at 16.4 Gbps, which is higher than the vendor-claimed performance (Dell rates this device at 12 Gbps).

“We’re able to reduce our total cost of ownership with the upgradeable, pay-as-you-grow model. For example, if one day we need to increase our bandwidth from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps to meet our needs, we can simply upgrade our SuperMassive 10200 to the SuperMassive 10800,” said Mark Pleunes, Network Engineer, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

“The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 next-generation firewall represents years of research and development, with the goal of providing one of the most scalable, highly performing enterprise network security solutions in the industry that effectively balances network protection, intrusion prevention and network performance. We are tremendously honored that it has received the highly coveted ‘Recommended’ rating from NSS Labs for three years running. We see this as incredible validation for the unique value we bring to customers in keeping their organizations updated and secure,” said Patrick Sweeney, executive director, product management for Dell Security Products.

Prevailing over one of the most extensive, rigorous and respected real-world product tests in the industry, the SuperMassive™ E10800 has demonstrated one of the highest security effectiveness ratings, blocking 97.9 percent of overall attacks across server and client applications with scores of 100 percent in stability and reliability, firewall, application control and identity awareness tests. In addition, resistance to known evasion, obfuscation and fragmentation techniques was perfect, and performance was measured by NSS Labs at 16.4 Gbps of threat protection and multi-gigabit SSL decryption and inspection throughput.

To learn more, I urge you to read the complete set of NSS Labs 2014 NGFW reports including the Security Value Map (SVM), Comparative Analysis Report (CAR) and Product Analysis Report (PAR), which is the full NSS Labs report on the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800. Download the NSS Labs Report today.

NSS Labs provides independent validation for C-level decision makers who seek the best-performing security required for their corporate network and deployment scenarios. To effectively combat today’s prolific threat environment, the modern data center must be agile, scalable, manageable, flexible, and most importantly secure.  Customers’ network needs a capable, proven security solution that can scale with their massive data and capacity demands.  This means that the network security layer must produce a high level of both threat protection and performance to support the largest of data centers security and bandwidth consumption requirements. 

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If you’d also like to stay updated on the latest threats research by Dell SonicWALL, visit the Dell Security Center for up-to-the-minute information about viruses, vulnerabilities, and spyware. Download the full Dell SonicWALL 2013 Threat Report today for a complete threat statistics for 2013 and what you should expect to see for 2014.

About the Author: Ken Dang