Two Weeks with Windows 8

I’ve been a Windows 8 user for a little over two weeks. If I’m being honest here, I felt like the glass was ½ empty at first boot. It was a pretty glass, yes, but beauty isn’t  a realistic measure of usability. This wasn’t the Windows that I had come to learn and love since it’s last major overhaul in ~1995. Like most, I immediately associated “different” with “bad.” Controls weren’t where I expected them to be, everything looked different, etc. Truthfully, I  struggled to perform basic functions including powering the machine on/off.

Fast forward two weeks, and I’m a changed man.  At work, I think I’m actually more productive thanks to expanded keyboard shortcuts, better search functionality, an improved RDP experience etc. Afterhours, the OS shines even brighter via seamless content integration. Within the Start Menu, I’m greeted by the content that I care about without having to search for it. Social Media, email updates, personalized news feeds based on my interests, local weather, etc. – it’s all there, and tailored to my wants and needs. In a life with a 50 hour work week, kids, PTA etc, it’s nice to have something that’s mine and mine alone.  Work or play, I’m a Windows 8 fan.

I’ll admit that there was certainly a learning curve before I was ready to accept Win 8 as a daily driver. That said, I’m hopeful that we’d all agree that the best way to do something isn’t necessarily the way we’ve always done it.  Give the OS a go at your local Dell Showcase, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart and tell me what you think – is the proverbial glass ½ full or ½ empty?

Note: if you’re looking for help with your Windows 8 powered machine, head on over to Lionel Menchaca’s recent blog post which contains Windows 8 information and resources to help you achieve expert status in no time.


Dell - Windows 8 glass

Stay tuned for my next blog entry:”24 hours with the Dell XPS 12”    

About the Author: Cody Norris