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Reimagine IT procurement, cut costs and boost productivity with Dell Premier.

Ensuring our customers can acquire the technology they need when they need it is of utmost importance.

Common challenges like fragmented processes, noncompliant purchases, rogue spending, security flaws and device inconsistencies burden IT procurement teams, who are increasingly seeking automation. At Dell Technologies, we’re always looking for ways to help customers innovate, advise on how to modernize and enable them to have a competitive advantage.

Throughout Dell’s history, we’ve embraced innovation and channeled substantial resources into crafting an online platform that revolutionizes the purchasing process. Our commitment is to deliver a personalized online experience, streamlined ordering and effective procurement management. Our customers have expressed a clear preference for digital interactions, and we’ve transformed our operations to offer an exclusively online transactional experience through Dell Premier. This shift is more than a change in process—it’s a leap into the future of commerce, empowering our customers to thrive in the era of AI and digital technology.

Dell Premier brings innovation to eProcurement through its suite of complementary tools and customizable solutions—whether you want to digitally modernize locally or globally. We can integrate Dell Premier accounts into an existing ERP or IT service management system. Or if you simply want to uncomplicate your current process, Dell Premier has a list of features and benefits to help solve your problems and create a seamless experience by digitally transforming your current e-commerce platform. Dell Premier saves organizations time and money and improves employee productivity.

The Results are in the Numbers

Dell Technologies and AMD commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Dell Premier. The purpose of the study is to provide customers with a framework to evaluate Premier’s potential financial impact on their organization. The study identifies how online procurement drives innovation, identifies quantifiable outcomes, enhances efficiencies and enables next-generation results.

Here’s what the Forrester study found based on a composite organization:

    • Increased efficiency of procurement team by 20%. Centralizing procurement boosts efficiency, freeing up team members for higher-value projects and reducing the need for new hires.
    • 30 minutes saved per device configuration. Deploying Dell Premier improved product standardization, eliminated rogue hardware purchasing and reduced IT helpdesk ticket time.
    • Decreased device costs by 10% due to standardization. Encouraging staff to order through Premier’s catalog ensured negotiated pricing and facilitated centralized access to Dell spending.
    • Increased new hire efficiency by receiving equipment 67% faster. Access to Dell equipment at the time of onboarding enables new hires to achieve a faster transition to becoming fully productive.

Our company grows faster than processes sometimes allow. Dell Premier provided the answer that we needed. Where do we go to look at our quotes, orders, order our equipment, or download our invoices? Rather than having to juggle between three different Dell websites or engage our inside salesperson, there’s one central place where we can do everything.” 

Head of IT Operations, Traffic Control Services and Safety 

The Many Benefits of Dell Premier

The Forrester study identified several additional benefits highly valuable to businesses:

    • Increased ability for self-service. Premier’s seamless navigation allows end users to acquire Dell equipment without disrupting the procurement team. It empowers cross-functional teams to access reporting and manage order statuses and purchase histories.
    • Improved shipping accuracy. Accurate forecasting allows procurement teams and end users to proactively plan for productivity spikes that require Dell devices, rather than wasting productivity due to inaccurate forecasting.
    • Strengthened relationship with Dell representative. Automation gives back time for the Dell representative to focus on supporting strategic initiatives for the organization, beyond providing order support and quote assistance.
    • Sustainability benefits. Procuring more energy-efficient devices, implementing drop-shipping processes and moreover helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.
    • Scalability with ERP integrations. Organizations that do not need ERP or ITSM integrations at the time of initial Premier deployment may realize additional benefits once integrations are implemented.

We wanted a solution that would provide us with a scalable and sustainable way to procure IT equipment while maintaining or optimizing efficiency.” 

Head of IT Operations, Traffic Control Services and Safety

Dell Premier is not just an ordering tool; it’s a customizable experience that enables us to scale customers’ businesses. It enhances team efficiency and effectiveness, which allows existing team members to reallocate their time to higher-value projects and focus on their strategic initiatives.

In an advancing AI era, we want to help unlock our customers’ IT innovation. By transitioning online with Dell Premier, they can access our end-to-end portfolio, inclusive of our AI-powered PCs, storage and solutions— and they’ll always be at the ready to implement the latest technology to advance their business. Automation is key for progress, and Premier is our solution.

Calculate the savings for your organization and view the full study with our ROI calculator.

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Adrienne Foley

About the Author: Adrienne Foley

Adrienne is a global messaging lead on the CSG Solutions marketing team. She drives content syndication, strategy and brand continuity for Dell Premier - our online platform that simplifies the IT procurement process for our commercial customers and partners. Additionally, she's involved in driving her team's executive briefing program presence and evolving their thought leadership strategy. As someone who has always pushed herself out of her comfort zone, she has enjoyed working and living abroad in Japan, Italy and Spain. Her drive for diverse experience includes her career in marketing - ranging from leading digital media campaigns for consumer and small business customers, partner marketing, business development, and currently branded content and messaging for our commercial customers. She is an active mentor for upcoming marketing talent at Dell Technologies, and hopes to be able to lead and inspire a team of dedicated marketers in the future. She holds a dual degree in Communication & Linguistics from University of California San Diego and an MBA from Boston University.