Using Ebooks to Increase Sales

Have you ever wanted to be an author? It's actually far easier than you'd think. Ebooks are a great way to:

  • establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • unleash that book that's been begging to come out of your brain
  • develop relationships that will turn into clients
  • make some money!

For the un-initiated, an ebook is an electronic book that can be on just about anything.
They range in length from just a few pages to hundreds of pages. I
think the ideal length (for me to read, anyway) is between 20 and 60
pages. Readers can download the ebook and read it immediately, which
certainly is instant gratification!

You can sell your ebooks or give them away for free. My
recommendation is to give away a piece of an ebook, like the first
chapter. But your expertise is worth money, so you would do well to
sell it online. Then you can add a stream of passive income to what you're already doing!

Writing ebooks can be as simple as just typing into a word
processing document and saving it as a PDF (the typical form ebooks
come in).

Here are some great resources to help you get started writing ebooks:

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About the Author: Susan Payton