VESO: How Dell Will Simplify Virtualization

To most folks that work with servers and storage on a regular basis, virtualization is a familiar concept. Kevin Kettler blogged about it in the early days of Direct2Dell. For those of you that aren't, it basically allows a customer to partition off subsystems of a server (processing power, memory, networking bandwidth, storage, etc) to perform as a virtual machine to run a unique application or operating system. The benefit is that it provides flexibility and much higher levels of server utilization. Historically, though, it takes some time to set up or to reconfigure virtual servers.

What do we mean by simplifying IT? Take a look at this vlog, where David Schmidt, manager of the Virtualization Solutions Engineering team provides a preview of the demo system that Mark Jarvis and Diane Greene used at VMworld.  See their keynote here (registration required). More details coming over the next few months.

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About the Author: Lionel Menchaca