Visible Link to IdeaStorm on Main Dell Site

As we roll out a beta test of a new design for the home page, you'll find a new feature on the page that we think you'll be excited about it, based on the number of you who voted on this idea. It's not a link to IdeaStorm that we've added, but it is a link to our new Community hub page, which contains links to tools like IdeaStorm, Dell Community Forums, Direct2Dell, StudioDell, Ratings and Reviews, and more.

We're working toward presenting these various Community tools in an easier, more navigable way, and we hope to continue to draw more visitors into our online communities. Did you know that the home page of gets more than 35 million visitors a week? It's also an entryway to both a corporate and a commerce site. Read more about the changes to our home page, and about our efforts to promote IdeaStorm, and other Community tools, more prominently on Laura Thomas' post on Direct2Dell.

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About the Author: Caroline Dietz Conway