Vostro Feedback

Last Tuesday, we announced a new lineup of Vostro laptops. Check out initial reviews on third party sites like PCMag, LaptopMag, and ComputerWorld. If there are other reviews that you have seen and think would be helpful for customers to read, feel free to comment below with a link to the site.

We placed pre-production units with a few of our small and medium business customers. This allows us to capture first hand feedback in order to implement changes into future product decisions. We targeted a mix of industries and company sizes. Pre-production units are sent to customers who use the product for 60 days, tell us what they think and then return it to Dell.

Kevin Jezewski, Assistant Director of Operations for Chicago Signature Service, tested the Vostro 1510 and gave us his initial feedback: “The new Vostro is equipped well and can handle almost all the applications in a small business. One of my biggest worries was how the Vista would hold up, but I have no problems with Vista. One problem I have is opening the laptop, very difficult.”

We are asking other previewers to blog about the systems in their own words so stay tuned!

About the Author: Kelly Curnow