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Which manufacturer do you think
makes the greenest PC around?

Well, recognizing that I might be
biased, I'd say the OptiPlex 980 has a lot going for it. Treehugger, one of the
Web's top-rated green blogs, gave it a really positive nod today when it nominated
OptiPlex for Treehugger's Best of
Green Reader's Choice Awards

If this were a campaign and I were
OptiPlex's campaign manager, here's what I might suggest it talk about in its
stump speech:

  • A 90% energy efficient
    power supply
  • Energy Star 5.0
  • EPEAT Gold-certified
  • The commercial desktop
    world's only EcoKit (reduces system noise by up to 50% and keeps the computer
  • Contains more
    post-consumer recycled content than previous generations

You can cast your vote here, or click on the logo at the top of my post. Please tell your friends to vote. And remember, "a vote for OptiPlex is a vote for
our planet!" Ahh, democracy…Smile

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Topics in this article