We have a plan

All-  I recently posted this
response to an idea Jervis posted and wanted to share the plan with you all as

I know Caroline mentioned my joining the IS team several weeks
ago.  So you might ask… where ya
been?  Well , I have been off working on
the items outlined in the idea above.  My role on this team is
to build world-class processes
to ensure this site is completely successful. 
I am working on several key things to get this done.

We have been working hard with Salesforce.com to work through
the long list of improvements that Caroline has documented over the past
year.  Salesforce.com has a renewed
commitment from their development team to meet our needs.  In addition, we are working on creating the robust
reporting that will enable us to better manage the volume of ideas and feedback that come
in on IS.

Staffing and Participation:  We have heard your concerns that the Dell
representation on IS is not meeting needs. 
To improve this, you have seen new faces and will continue to see new
faces in the coming months.  The "full
timers" – Jackie, Kara and I – will continue as well.

Process Improvement:  We are working hard on building stronger
processes to ensure we are getting timely responses to the community.  This is just a first step in the process
improvement space… I will comment more as we get moving.

Jervis, as you can see, we are absolutely focused on making many of
the improvements you outlined.  I
appreciate you taking the time to compose a list that helps us refine our


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