Weekly Recap: 3-18-08

You told us that you wanted responses to the top ideas, especially those that have been on the front page. With the new status tag boxes, it's a lot easier to see what ideas Dell has evaluated and what our response is.

Here is a shot of what the new status box looks like in action —

reviewed idea 

— and a few ideas we've reviewed over the past several weeks:

Downloadable Tech Specs: It is obvious from benjesuit's idea and commentary that it should be easier for customers to view detailed system specs. Several months ago this idea made it to the front page and has collected more than 13500 points. Toni_d from our Global Online team informed the community about our plans for rolling out more in-depth tech specs and a printable format.

Progress of ideas: One of the most popular IdeaStorm ideas, submitted by krasmussen, suggests that we give more details about idea implementation. After the evaluation, the team agreed that we need to provide the community more information on the progress of their ideas. Our solution, as of now, is to continue posting updates through Ideas in Action, comments in the idea thread and these weekly updates.

From the IdeaStorm community, we've heard a lot about our moderator's announcement last week. There seemed to be some confusion over how often a user can report abuse. After you report abuse on an idea (or comment) the moderator is notified of the issue. Once the mod clears the abuse, you can report abuse again on the same idea or comment, if necessary. This way the mod is not spammed with the same request and will be able to tackle each reported abuse in a timely manner.

Finally, check out the article written about the Latitude XT, there is a nice little nod to the IdeaStorm community. Have a great week!

About the Author: Kara Krautter