Weekly Recap: 3-25-08

Happy Tuesday everyone; hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!  Recently I contemplated the quote "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery," by Charles Caleb Colton (partly due to the latest in a string of Ideastorm-like sites).  Last week, Starbucks became the latest to launch a site that asks for customer feedback through ideas and votes.  It is exciting to watch more and more businesses have conversations with their customers and begin to see the value listening. We wish them great success with this latest venture!  But, is the trend to have an actual dialogue or just a one way suggestion box?  Time will tell.

We continue to update the new status tag boxes and have provided greater visibility to idea responses for all ideas tagged as "Reviewed" "In Progress" and "Implemented." In addition, john_h informed the community about how we work with our partners to provide hardware support and coming additions to our linux.dell.com wiki (Provide Linux Drivers for all your Hardware | Linux Hardware Compatibility List)

Also, a fairly passionate discussion on the words that we are including in the language filter emerged on IdeaStorm last week. Thanks for the constructive commentary, and we are reviewing the use of certain words and will inform the community of the decision when it is made.

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